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Make your office wherever you want it to be.

How it works

All the features that a traditional phone system offers, without physical equipment, cabling, or onsite installation. In just a few hours, a VPBX system can be installed.

Stay Connected.

Work Remotely.

Powerful Apps for Mobile,
Desktop, and Web

Process your land line calls on the go, sse your computer or mobile devices to call, text, chat and conference from anywhere. No business call will be missed, and your work keeps moving forward with rich collaboration features like Contacts, Presence, Instant Messaging, File Sharing, CRM Integration, etc.

+ Full business phone system functionality

+ Communicate with the devices you love

+ Ensure corporate identity with business number

Bring employees and customers together

Make Calls, Work Remotely

Place your agent anywhere, he will be able to use any device to make and receive calls. We make it simple for people and teams to work flexibly and productively, as there are no limits to their calling activities.

A “Local Number” Global Presence

Enjoy a consistent in-office Unified Communications experience anywhere in minutes with least IT and security concerns. Maximize your creditability and your business unified corporate identity by displaying a local number when calling your international customers.

CRM Integration

Through such integration, you’ll have access to all valuable telephony features, directly from your CRM, streamlining your business processes and improving your communication.

Real-Time Monitoring

All the calls are logged, recorded and synced directly to your database without any additional equipment’s, so even when you’re on the move, you’ll be sure that your conversations are still accessible.


Functional tool allows your website visitors to connect directly to your helpdesk on the go to enquire, place orders or ask for support simply by one click. these calls would land on an agent desk who can answer the phone on a regular telephony or even softphone.

Cut your costs in half

Experience a substantial decrease in operating costs without compromising quality. Reduce the need for an extensive staff, hardware, and maintenance. Take and make calls on the computer, laptop, tablet, VoIP phone or mobile phone. Receive calls on three devices at the same time.


Get a live picture on what’s going on in your call center. All important data on inbound and outbound calls as well as the agents status and productivity are always at your disposal, always up-to-date.

Built-In Features

Call Recording

Voice Menu (IVR)

Call History (Log)

Statistics & Reporting

Voice Mail


Call Scenarios

We’ll help you make your workflows more efficient

For businesses of all sizes, remote working is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have capability. Our secure and flexible remote working tools can be used on-premises or in the cloud, so you can work right from anywhere.

These features might be interesting for you:

Call Monitoring
Call Recording
Cost Control
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Missed Calls Management
Missed Call Notification
Callback Reminder
Missed Call Auto Response
Auto Callback
Queue Callback
Missed Call Chain Reaction
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Call Centre
Agent Training
Agent Assist
CRM Integration
Call Recording
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CRM Integration
Caller Details Pop Up
High Priority Calls
Real-Time Data Export
Call Notes
Sync Data Across Apps
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Customer Survey
Survey One Click Transfer
Negative Feedback Alert
Feedback Analysis
Contact and Call Tagging
Un-Happy Caller Alert
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