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End Call Survey

It is the beginning of your quality assurance journey

We provide actionable insights from in-depth post-call surveys and customer satisfaction reports to help your agents improve and grow.

Survey One Click Transfer

Collect customers feedback and determine your NPS in real time after each interaction, when customer impressions are the most relevant and precise. Take corrective measures to address any dissatisfaction and give relevant feedback to your agents to improve their engagement.

Targeted Survey (Segmentation)

Send survey invitations to a specific audience, making it easy to screen for targeted attributes like region, job category, behavioral or transactional.

Multi Channel Distribution

Send invitations and collect feedback from a wide sample of customers using Phone, E-Mail, SMS, online and forms . All results combined in one system.

Negative Feedback Alert

If a customer leaves negative feedback, an email notification will be sent immediately to your internal team members, the distribution lists for the alerts are flexible so they can be easily updated in case of sickness and vacations.

Feedback Analysis

Insightful survey data helps you make more informed decisions, Identify the needs and frustrations of customers, so that business can improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn..

Mobile Friendly

Collect the responses from customers using various devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops or simply by one click transfer over the phone.

Un-Happy Caller Alert

Call center agents receive an alert on their PC screen when a call needs immediate attention from them, including those from clients who have given negative feedback, VIP contacts, or any other type of callers they defined.

Scheduled or Event Triggered

Sending survey invitation at the right time for your customers is vital to increase response rates. You can send invitations after certin process or interaction to measure its impact on customer satisfaction, or on specific date and time

Respons Reminder

To ensure highest rate of response and participation in surveys, set schedule automated reminder messages through deferent channels to be sent to those customers who did not take the survey.

Rest Period

User defined number of days during which, no invitation will be sent to those customers who participated in any survey. One click Opt-Out allow invited customers to be removed from any future survey.

3rd Party Integration

Take your insights to the next level by integrating with the full range of your enterprise systems through API’s for real-time updates, or export them in various formats, including Excel, CSV and PDF.

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