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Missed Call Notification

Real-Time automated notification by SMS or Email that informs the agent and supervisor of calls that are missed, while the agents are busy and the caller decided to drop the call, as well as “after working hours” calls, the notification includes all caller details.

Callback Reminder

Its a simple way to get smart missed calls reminder that pops up on the agent screen automatically when a call is missed and demands his attention. The reminder will disappear once the agent reacts towards the missed call.

Missed Call Auto Response

Unanswered calls are a big turnoff, thus it can be avoided by enabling missed calls auto responder, which will allow you to personalize your response as per the caller group or category. Once a call is missed, your response will be automatically sent to the caller via SMS.

75% of customers believe these features are very attractive

Auto Callback

Designed to monitor missed calls in real-time, and collate a list of those calls. When an agent becomes available, the list goes through an automated outbound calling process supported by an IVR, which then routes the connected calls to the available agent with all customer details.

Queue Callback

When all agents are occupied and a call comes in, present the callback option and opt-out of the queue. Once an agent became available the system will auto callback the caller.

Missed Call Chain Reaction

A phone number is advertised by a business. The call is terminated after a single ring when prospects dial the number, businesses can then decide how to move forward with this data. It is easy tool for businesses to run marketing, real-time balance notification, customer reviews, or opt-In for campaigns

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