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Call Moinitoring

Have a comprehensive overview of your phone calls

Monitor calls to improve customer satisfaction

Scheduled Reports

Automated schedule reports gives you a bird’s eye view of customer service, thus keeping you in touch with your call center agents and be always informed at your convince time about those call center statistics which are important to you.


Report Generator

Create customized reports, observe call trends, agents performance and draw business insight to enhance your agents productivity. Built-in report builder allows you to find the exact piece of information you are looking for and makes your decisions based on relevant data a much easier task.  

In Depth Analytics

To have a data-based call center analytics solution is vital to your success. Analyze customer conversations, trends, satisfaction rating, traffic, agents status, performance and leverage the data and statistics of your call center activity to ensure your success.


Contact and Call Tagging

Apply user defined tag to your contacts as well as each call whenever possible. This labeling will allow you to split calls and contacts into categories, quickly search and identify them by their tags.  

Call Notes

Increase the quality of the customer experience through the feature notes on calls, which allows your call center agent to add and save notes to any call during or after finishing the call, such notes can be auto emailed to the concerned person within your organization.

Ongoing Calls Listening

Listen to calls as they are happening, coach agents during calls with live call monitoring, and call whisper. Coaching call center agents doesn’t have to be challenging, time consuming and emotionally draining task.


Call Playback

Record both inbound and outbound calls, store, monitor, analyze conversations, the quality of calls, assess the customers’ requests, train your agents and protect yourself in case of dispute. Its valuable tool in any organization, which guarantees high return on investment.  

Multi Channel

Allows you to capture and analyze all internal, incoming and outgoing calls from all extensions on all lines.



Fully digital mode for recording and playback, hi-fi appearance of the original sound. Stores 175 hours of conversation per GB of disk space.  

Schedule Selective Recording

By default, all incoming and outgoing calls on all trunks will be recorded, for each trunk you can set starting and stopping record time as you wish during the 24 hours. You can selectively record or ignore particular records like; calls to/from specific number(s) or extensions.


Multi Record Mode

There are three record modes to choose from: Voltage: Start recording when the telephone is picked up and finish when hung up. Voice: Start recording when there is sound signal in the line, such as interphone and so on. Manual: Start and finish recording by the caller through keystroke.

Custom Tariff

Call charge can be defined by the user to be calculated on a fixed per call basis, as per call duration (Per Minute/Per Second), or a variable basis depending on the time, distance of the call, or a combination of multiple factors. Call charges can even vary at different times of the day, or for specific days.


Markup and Surcharge

Apply charges on incoming, and or outgoing calls from and to particular extensions or lines, markup can be calculated as a fixed amount, as a percentage of call cost, per minute/per second, or a combination of both. Minimum call charge can be also defined.  

Limit Exceed Alert

Real-Time automated notification by SMS or Email that informs the agent and supervisor of calls that are above allowed limits in cost or in duration, you can set allowed limit as per each extension.

Suspicious Phone Use Alert

Automated alerts sent by email to the concerned internal team members about any suspicious phone activity including, repeated calls from specific numbers, calls during holidays or after working hours, calls exceeding specific duration or cost limit, etc.


Limit Exceed Alert

Real-Time automated notification by SMS or Email that informs the agent and supervisor of calls that are above allowed limits in cost or in duration, you can set allowed limit as per each extension.  

Event Driven Alerts

User defined alerts rules for any event including voice mail received, overnight, holiday, weekend calls, as well as calls with duration or cost that exceeds a user defined level.


Data Export Authentication

Open database model (with the right access rights) makes it easy to manage your business needs. Export data “All” or “In Part” automatically or via APIs in Excel, CSV, PDF or any other standard format including SQL.  

Data Access Authentication

Reliable and safe operation of your call center data is guaranteed. Multi level user access rights ensure that only authorized personals will get a limited access to the “must know” part of your call center data as per their job role. Data access events of all users are logged in details.

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